Q. My relative recently died and I would like to schedule an unveiling. How long does it take to produce a monument?

A. Installation of standard monuments generally takes 2 months from start to finish. We recommend that you come in for an appointment  as soon as possible because certain custom monuments may take 1-2 months longer. 


Q.  How soon after the death is the monument supposed to be put up?

A. Jewish tradition varies as to when to erect the monument, ranging from immediately after the Shiva until sometime before the first yahrtzeit (anniversary of the death).

Ask your Rabbi about your particular custom. 


Q. How long do monuments last?

A. All our monuments are made of high quality granite with the inscription engraved on the stone. The monuments are long-lasting. We have been in business since the 1950's and our earliest monuments are still in excellent condition.


Q. How long does lettering on the monument last?

 A.We specialize in long-lasting lettering. Thanks to our unique techniques, generally our lettering lasts for years and years.


Q. Can ordering a monument be done in advance or must it be done only after death?

A.  A pre-need monument is a monument that is purchased in advance. We have many customers who prefer this arrangement to avoid unnecessary complications after death. 


Q. I recently saw a very nice design on a monument. Do you customize monuments?

A. We have the latest machinery and our graphic artists can customize any monument or design that appeals to you.


Q. My friend purchased a monument elsewhere and he’s urging me to go there. What are your company’s advantages over others?

A. Engraving a monument should be done by an experienced engraver with the latest cutting edge machinery following the design of a talented graphic artist. We at Liben are proud of our beautiful monuments produced by our professional staff.

Setting a stone also has to be done by a highly skilled professional to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Our stone setters are experts and install the monument correctly to endure all the elements.


Q. My friend purchased a monument elsewhere and was disturbed to find an error in the Hebrew text. Do you have such experiences?

A. We have a Rabbi on our staff who is an expert in Jewish name of all origins. We also make every effort to research the family documents and information available through the cemeteries to determine the correct name of the deceased and yahrtzeit (Hebrew date of death).


Q. I see some very fancy monuments on your website. I’m looking for a basic monument. Do you also manufacture simple monuments?

A. we manufacture monuments, from the simplest to the most elaborate. We work with our customers and satisfy their needs. Regardless of the price of the monument we pay equal attention to all orders!


Q. I see many graves in the cemetery have footstones but some don’t. How come some do and some don’t? Is this an issue of Jewish custom?

A. Having a footstone isn’t an issue of Jewish custom. It’s strictly a matter of practicality.

 All monuments are erected at the head of the grave. However many people place a footstone at the foot of the grave to have the grave area marked from the beginning to end. Hopefully visitors to the cemetery will respect the grave and won’t walk over it. 

Additionally a footstone is another area to express feelings about the deceased (e.g. Forever in our hearts ..Gone but not forgotten..)


Q. What insures that the monument will stand straight?

A. The monument stands on a base. The base rests on a foundation (built by the cemetery) that prevents the monument from tilting. Once the monument is set the foundation beneath it cannot be seen.