Choosing a Monument

Choosing a monument is not a simple procedure. Monuments come in different sizes, colors and shapes. 

Additionally, regulations of size and color vary from cemetery to cemetery. We at Liben are specialists in customers’ needs and cemetery regulations and we can assist you in choosing a monument that is appropriate.

Please contact us at (514) 738- 7188 so we can guide you.

Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing a monument.

Size: Each cemetery has its own restrictions.

Sizes range from as small as 12 inches x 12 inches to as large as 84 inches x 32 inches.

Shape :  Headstones come in different shapes. In our showroom we have many samples and styles that you may choose from. 

Colors: The most common colors are grey, black, charcoal and pink but other colors are available. You may go to our color section to select a color.

Some cemeteries have color restrictions. 

Design: Traditional Jewish symbols may be engraved in the monument (e.g. Star of David, Menorah).However if you have  a particular design in mind, we can accommodate you.

Text: The text usually includes names, dates and sentimental feelings.

We know that choosing a monument can be a very difficult decision that always takes place under trying circumstances, but feel assured that at Liben Monuments every effort will be made to assist you and make the task a little easier.